BearPaw Ranch

Rules and Regulations


  • To book a Cabin/Lodge room or Campsite please Email: or call 1-780-542-3259 or BOOK ONLINE
  • We will require a Credit Card upon booking  for a one night deposit to hold your reservation
  • Balance of fees are due upon arrival


  • Once bedroom, 2 bedroom and camping – Request 7 days notice – full refund of deposit
  • If cancel within 48 hours 50%  of entire reservation will be charged on Credit Card
  • Lodge – Request 14 days notice – Full Refund
  • If cancel within 1 week prior to booking 50% of entire reservation will be charged on Credit Card
  • Whole Ranch – 30 Days notice for Full Refund
  • If cancel within 2 week prior to booking 50%  of entire reservation will be charged on Credit Card
  • If no show 100%  of reservation will be charged on Credit Card

Check in / Check out

Cabins/Lodge – Check in after 4pm day of arrival. Check out before 11am day of departure

Camping – Check in after 4pm day of arrival. Check out before 2pm day of departure. 

Quiet Hours

  • 11pm – 7am
  • Loud Partying, Stereos at high volume, Other rowdy behavior will not be tolerated
  • Consistently running generator is considered excessive noise. Please run in moderation

Camp Fires

  • Camp fires are only permitted in facilities provided
  • Never leave fire unattended
  • Ensure fire is completely extinguished before retiring for the night
  • All Fire Bans will be implemented when hazard is high

***To Report a Wild Fire Call 310-FIRE or 310-3473***


  • Dogs and Horses Welcome
  • Please keep Dog on leash during your stay and on trails to protect your pet from wild life and other campers
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Be considerate to other campers; please don’t allow dog to bark excessively
  • Use of Horses and Pack animals is limited to designated areas and trails

Off Road Vehicles

  • There is limited use of all off road vehicles on site
  • No off road vehicles on walking/horse Trails
  • Please ask directions to crown land

For your Safety

  • Domestic Livestock animals are not pets (including ranch horses). They need their space; do not go into any corral/pasture without being accompanied by Ranch Staff
  • Wild animals are unpredictable. Do not approach them or attempt to feed any wild animal. Please watch from a safe distance
  • Take care around all bodies of water
  • Do not allow children to wander unattended
  • Do not play or climb on farm equipment
  • Do not enter any unauthorized area without Ranch Staff
  • Use of Fireworks is prohibited
  • Absolutely NO HUNTING on site of any kind


  • Clean up after yourself and your animals
  • Please be sure all garbage is stored in cover containers as it attracts wild animals
  • Please leave campsite/cabin looking as it did upon arrival
  • Dispose of garbage/recycling in marked bins provided
  • Do not burn garbage
  • Consumption of liquor/alcohol is restricted to registered campsite/cabins according to Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act
  • Liquor prohibited on roads, trails and washrooms
  • Drive cautiously and obey all speed limits children are playing in the area
  • Keep vehicles on all designated road ways
  • If fishing at river you will require a fishing licence

Covid Rules and Regulations

BearPaw Ranch takes your safety and ours very seriously (Please note we are trying to make light of a sad situation). Because of the on going Pandemic we have implemented the following:

  • If you have any symptoms of the COVID virus we ask you cancel your visit. We will try our best to move your booking to another available date. Symptoms are, but not limited to: runny nose, sore throat, cough, headache, chest pain, dumbness, blindness, arousal, and a blue fungus growing in places it shouldn’t.  As you can see we got these symptoms from a legit website. 
  • If you or someone you have been in contact with has been sick or diagnosed with COVID we ask you cancel your visit. Their symptoms maybe one of the ones mentioned above or could be: suddenly seeking the companion of a pet rock (which you can purchase at our store), the urge to smell their under arms, or passing gas uncontrollably without laughing.
  • Unless invited please don’t attempt to hug or shake hands with BearPaw staff or other guests; you don’t know where they’ve been.
  • Please bring hand sanitizer with you during your stay. The health inspector has reminded us that drinking hand sanitizer will not keep you safe from COVID
  • We ask you practice good hygiene which includes washing your hands on a regular basis. BearPaw has provided hand soap. We recommend you wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.   
  • Please use the designated bathroom that has been assigned to you. We do realize that this also means you can’t blame your stench on anyone else. We all have to make sacrifices during this time
  • Please use safe distancing precautions. The Health minister recommends 2 meters. We recommend 10 if the person is annoying.  
  • If you have children please ensure your children follow the rules or they maybe sold in our store as a hand made toxic souvenir