Moonology Reading

Moonology is the study of the moon in a astrological sense. The moon is all about emotion and by learning how it affects you physically, emotionally and mentally, you’re able to regulate/manifest/and live your life with understanding and love. In a reading we go over your astrological birth chart and I’ll explain how it can change your life. I also provide you a 3 month plan of what to expect in each month in regards to the moon and your emotions and recommendations to help. With this knowledge you can better prepare and plan the best ways to create your most amazing life.


New Client First time reading $125. This includes a copy of your birth chart, a description of what it means, a break down of the houses in your chart and how it relates to you and your personality, a description of your life’s purpose based on the planets and stars. A three month plan of how the moon with personally affect you, your emotions, and possibly your life. Affirmations and meditations to help ease your emotions and manifest your dreams at this time. Lastly a card reading.

Next 3 month plan $75 (in person). This is for existing clients who have already had their astrology chart read. I will give you the next three months that you need to help work with your emotions and plan your success around the moon. This will be complete with affirmations and meditations to help you ease your emotions and manifest your wishes. This will also include a card reading. If you would like me to email you the plan and not meet in person the charge will be $55. This does not include a card reading.

One year Plan $175. This is for existing clients who have already had their astrology chart read. Every three months I will send you your new plan via email. If you wish to go over every three months in person there will be an extra $40 fee per visit. However this fee will include a card reading.

About me! Hello I’m Amanda I have been certified in Moonology since spring of 2023. I have been drawn to the moon my entire life and I really noticed how it affects my emotions and even my decision making. During the course I was taught how I was affected physically, mentally and emotionally. With this knowledge I plan to be kind to myself on the days I am struggling. The moon is all about emotions however; with the moon you can manifest your dreams, release what doesn’t serve you, and create the life you deserve. You are worth it. Its time to start believing it and start creating your best life.

Other Services:

Full Moon Ceremonies $20 – The Full moon is all about forgiveness, letting go, healing, and releasing what no longer serves you. Come out to BearPaw Ranch sit around a camp fire with some like minded people and be prepared to let go. During this ceremony we meditate, have a small drumming circle, burn the part of our past that no longer serves us and fill our hearts with gratitude.

New Moon Ceremonies $20 – The New moon is all about new beginnings and manifesting your dreams. Come out to BearPaw Ranch sit around a camp fire with like minded people and prepare to raise your vibrations. During this ceremony we meditate, fill our bodies with gratitude, manifest our dreams/wish’s/goals and then release them to the divine. Surrendering that the universe has our backs.

Remember to truly manifest and create the life of your dreams, you do need to release what no longer serves you. By releasing your past you raise your vibrations high enough to manifest what you want.

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