Pets Welcome!

Your Fur Family is Always Welcome At BearPaw Ranch.

Cabin/Lodge Fur Guests

Cats and Dogs – $10 Per Guest Per Night. No charge for camping

Fish, Hamsters, and Lizards are FREE!


$15 per horse per night. We will supply a corral upon request based on availability. Our corrals are made up of 10 foot panels, we will build the corrals as big as you need depending on the number of horses .

We do supply fresh water for the horses; however we request that you bring your own food. There are hitching posts for you to use to tack up your horse as well.

In regards to the gifts all horses leave behind we ask you shovel their mess into a pile and we will come with a tractor to remove the fragrant treasures your horse put the time and effort into making.

We have approximately 5km in horse trails for you to ride. These trails are all natural trails that run through the forest and around the hay field on the property. We strive to keep the trail clear of any fallen trees and over grown plants that may impede your ride.


Please Note that unfortunately we do not rent out our own horses nor do we supply trail rides. If we get enough interest this may change in the future.


Pets Guidelines

  • Please keep Dogs and Cats on leash during your stay and on trails to protect your pet from wild life and other campers
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Be considerate to other guests; please don’t allow dog or cat to bark excessively
  • Use of Horses and Pack animals is limited to designated areas and trails